Apple trees and mistletoe

Traditionally, mistletoe is associated with apple trees. However, an initial analysis of the 2016-17 NatHistCam survey of mistletoe found mistletoe more on other trees. Not all the reports of mistletoe said what tree it was growing on but where the tree was recorded, in 36 instances (40% of the reports) , it was a lime tree (Tilia sp.). Only 19 reports were of mistletoe on apple trees.

Was this because many of the reports were of mistletoe in trees in streets and other public spaces, rather than in gardens? Would a thorough survey of apple trees in gardens reveal more mistletoe? You tell us.

  • Do you have apple trees in your garden?
  • If so, how many and what sort? Are they crab apples, eating or cooking apples?
  • Is there mistletoe on any of the apple trees? Which ones?

Please let us know if you have apple trees in your garden in Cambridge (and what varieties) and whether any of them have mistletoe growing on them.

We need to know

  • Your address
  • How many apple trees you have in your garden
  • What types (crab, eaters, cooking apples)
  • How many, if any, have mistletoe

Please add comments about quantity, how long it has been there, whether you planted the mistletoe and any other information. You can also send us photos.

Please enter this information on our recording page – see Submit a record – or email the details to