Mammal surveys

The Cambridgeshire Mammal Group has agreed to help with the survey of mammals for the project. We are intending to study 64 gardens in Cambridge (1 in each grid square).  We hope to be able to record all the species present with Longworth small mammal traps which do not harm the animals, but instead give them a nice meal in exchange for allowing us to record and weigh them.

We also plan to use trail cams to film any animals present. With modification these cameras can monitor both larger species like deer, fox and badger, and also smaller species like rodents, hedgehogs etc. The 64 gardens will allow us to get a good idea of what species are present and how they are distributed in the city.

We have also started surveys of specific species.

How are hedgehogs doing in Cambridge? Help us find out.

Are muntjac deer a pest in your garden? Or have you seen them elsewhere in Cambridge? Please let us know.

You can send us records of any other mammals you see in Cambridge. See our recording page for information on submitting records.