Submit a record

We are keen to hear about your sightings of wildlife in Cambridge.

If you have just one or two sightings to tell us about please use the ‘submit a record’ button.

If you expect to send us more sightings the best way to submit your records is through either of the following options:


The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre (CPERC) have created a special page on their CPERC Record website for the NatHistCam Project.

You need to create a CPERC account so that you can log in to CPERC. To do this, go to the CPERC homepage ( After you have logged in, press the NatHistCam tab at thje top of the home page, and then add your records through the NatHistCam project page. This shows the project area. Please do not use this page for records from outside the NatHistCam project area.

You can also explore the records that have been submitted as part of the NatHistCam project. The “trending” tab gives a list of the species that have been recorded most. Note that you need to include the full name of the species: for hedgehog this is “West European Hedgehog” and muntjac is “Chinese Muntjac” or use * as a wildcard. But often the names are more obvious. Scroll through the records to find out what they are.


If you already have an iRecord account, please continue to submit records through there ( We will be able to access these from CPERC.

To avoid duplicating records, please just use one of the above methods. If you would prefer to send in a spreadsheet of records instead, please email this to

The records submitted via the CPERC website are fed into iRecord. There is a team of expert verifiers set up on iRecord, so the identification of records will be checked by them.

This saves time when entering data