April sightings

April sightings

Spring seems to be advancing in fits and starts. We have had a series of night frosts and cold winds, with one magnificent hail storm. However, at the same time, sunny days mean that the spring is well advanced and most of the May blossom is out before May has even arrived. Cow parsley blooms at the same time, the two together providing a double layer of white and a sensational scent.

Cow parsley

My local Song Thrush is putting in overtime!  I hear him throughout the day – maybe a minute’s pause as he moves from one tree to another, to establish territory – but a continuous flow of small repeated phrases in a fluty whistle. He is still going at dusk! Last year was very good for slugs and snails, so hopefully he will be mopping up a few of these.

A family of Hedgehogs has been spotted in Arbury Rd and in Chesterton, there are reports of Toads in the garden.  All good news.

Olwen Williams